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Mission Vision and Objectives

Hence Rift valley Initiative for Rural Advancement (RIRA) is an Oromiya-inspired, Ethiopian Resident Charity organization established with the following vision and mission:

Our Vision:

Rural Community transformed with improved social and economic wellbeing and betterment.
Mission statement:
To improve rural (pastoral and agro pastoral) community livelihoods through better utilization of resources to improve economic, social services and environment management. 

Broad Objectives

The overall objective of the organization shall be to contribute toward rural poverty reduction through enhancing the food security of pastoral and agro pastoral community and strengthen local capacities initiative by working in partnership with community groups in collaboration with respective local government departments in the field of participatory development.

Our Specific Objective is:

  1. To foster community based grassroots sustainable livelihoods development through promoting Livelihoods diversification and household income of pastoral and agro-pastoral communities
  2. To address accelerated land degradation through community based nursery development, tree planting, conservation, and enhancing rangeland management practices
  3. Campaigning against environmentally destructive practices such as illegal charcoal production and illegal deforestation
  4. To support and enhance functional adult literacy education and non formal education program for holistic development.
  5. To provide capacity building support and training to community based animal health worker and community based organization
  6. To work on various issues like HIV/AIDS prevention, Environment and Climate change.
  7. To undertake evidence based research on various development themes...
In furtherance of this objectives, the organization shall;-
  • Take participation as a cardinal principle of operation in the identification, prioritization and implementation of the projects.
  • Solicit local and external funding to support projects identified in the grassroots level.
  • Organize training workshops on identified subjects and implement the prudent policies
  • Establish and maintain contact with both local and International stakeholders.
  • Conduct consultancies on the set programs, research and then disseminate findings and operational experiences gained for the benefit of other interested bodies by organizing conferences and publications.
  • Maintain strict adherence to Humanitarian and non-profit making status, thus assets shall only be used to further the stated objective of the organization.