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Camel Herders Youth and Adult Training on HIV/AIDS

This picture shows the Mobile Camel Herders Training on HIV/AIDS Prevention. Mobile camel herders’ youth and adults are the most vulnerable social group. Their mobility in search of pasture and water they are crossing the HIV/AIDS hot spots namely Walenchiti, Adama, Mojo, Maqi and Ziway. They are often visiting these towns to sale camel milk and purchase food stuffs. As a result they often visits commercial sex workers and infected. When returned back to home in turn they also infected their wife or girlfriends. Hence the objectives of this training was to combat the spread of the pandemic save their parent. The training was held in open air under the tree shads. It was conducted for five consecutive days from September 20-24/2016. Two session of the training conducted simultaneously and 50 herders were participated 25 participants in each session. After the end of the training 35 per cent of the trainees were underwent VCT testing at Adama health Centre.  This  was a great achievement of this project.
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Community mobilization and sensitization workshop on the value of education

The objective of this workshop was to sensitize the pastoralist communities’ parents about the value of education and the importance of sending their children mainly the girls’ child to schools. Over 100 participates drawn from 10 rural pastoralist kebeles were attended this workshop.it was conducted on September 23 and 25/2016.  During the training IEC materials with a strong messages were disseminated. View pictures of some participants.
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